Scouring beneath the surface of the earth, the paths of four musical nomads were forged by destiny when they crossed on a shadowy corner of Dayton, Ohio. They each separately conveyed their own improvisational mastery but were united by an undeniable chemistry that compelled the emergence of Subterranean. Their roots are planted deep into rock, funk, jazz, and blues, but an eclectic and extensive array of musical influences engage their creativity and gives them an exclusive sound. Subterranean's live performance provides a fuel of energy with their edgy improv burning full throttle, ignited by the heat of their infectious grooves and the power and passion of their performance. The melodic harmonies of Chris Coalt (Guitar/Vox), Danny Sauers (Sax/Vox), Chuckie Love (Bass/Vox), and Rob Brockman (Drums/Vox) erupt like musical molten into the ears of their audiences and their earthy organic arrangement produces a versatile groove that souls desire. SubT has carved out their footprint in the festival scene by playing The Werkout, The Mad Tea Party Jam, Resonance, and Hookahville, and are continuous favorites at Ohio's own Miami Valley Music Fest, and Wham Bam Thank You Jam. Subterranean blasted into 2016 hungry and have not only been hard at work in the studio recording their debut album but also hosted their own events including the Regional Revue and Cauldron of Musical Mayhem Halloween show. This band is breaking ground and undoubtedly evolving into a Regional Favorite.